A Journey Through Chinatown

Centre Street

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Centre Street runs from City Hall to Spring Street where it becomes Lafayette. Most government buildings, and courts are located downtown on this street.

The J, M, Z subway entrance (it also leads to the N, R, 6, and Q/W platforms elsewhere underground through a series of labyrinthine passageways).

The magnificient old Police Headquarters on Centre Street, built 1910. The city sold the building in 1983 to a real estate developer for a song. Today it is a 55-unit condo with locked front doors, and huge "No Trespassing" signs out in the front. You can't even peek through the window to look at historic lobby from outside without the guinea fuck doormen glaring at you like you are some piece of shit on the sidewalk--its typical SoHo attitude and prices bullying their way into Little Italy/Chinatown.

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