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Doyers Street

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22 August 2007, Doyers is a small street.

At just a block long, Doyers Street begins at Pell, makes a 90 degree turn, then meanders the rest of the way down into Chatham Square and the Bowery.

This street was once called the "Bloody angle" by the tabloids supposedly because of a few tong wars that happened here in the early 20th century.

Today, the local post office is located here along with a few restaurants, and a large number of barbershops, and hair salons.

Doyers Street, 1909.
21 January 2007. Remnants of old Chinatown. A hidden tunnel--now a shopping arcade--lies behind one of these doors. A network of tunnels once connected an old Opera house on Doyers Street to an actor's residence on the Bowery, and was reputedly used as a escape route by Tong soldiers during a street battle in the early 1900s. see map.

17 November 2007. With so many salons and barbershops located on Doyers and Pell Street, some refer to the area as "hair alley". article.

21 February 2002

Doyers Street, 1909, Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [LC-USZ62-69696]

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