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Coffee Shops & Bubble Tea

Listing places to get a cup of coffee, bubble tea, and a bite to eat.

See also bakeries, banh mi, and diners for more locations to grab a cup of coffee.
And italian cafes for espresso and pastry. dim sum

The top three picks for good roast pork buns
Mei Lai Wah. 美麗華 An old-school coffeeshop with grandfatherly-types manning the hectic counter. The roast pork buns here are especially popular among people who hear about this place through word of mouth. Place was newly renovated in August 2008 so now all of the old-school, old new york charm has disappeared as the grandfatherly-types try and smile in their orange polo shirts.

Mei Lai Wah
(click to enlarge)       photo by robert k chin

Ho Won Bake Shop. 好旺. recently renovated, good roast pork buns.

Ho Won Bake Shop
(click to enlarge)       photo by robert k chin

Hop Shing/Chatham Restaurant. 合誠. The place for roast pork buns with extra gravy in them, along with cantonese dim-sum.

Hop Shing/Chatham Restaurant
(click to enlarge)       photo by robert k chin

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